“Here’s your cool new identifier! It’s so easy to use. No passwords to forget, no cards to leave behind. And it’s so high tech, you’re going to be able to use it for everything eventually: payments, banking, e-health, the Interwebs, unlocking your house or office, starting your car!

“Oh, one thing though, there are some little clues about your identifier around the place. Some clues are on the ATM, some clues are in Facebook and others in Siri. There may be a few in your trash. But it’s nothing to worry about. It’s hard for hackers to decipher the clues. Really quite hard.

“What’s that you say? What if some hacker does figure out the puzzle? Gosh, um, we’re not exactly sure, but we got some guys doing their PhDs on that issue. Sorry? Will we give you a new identifier in the meantime? Well, no actually, we can’t do that right now. Ok, no other questions? Cool!

“Good luck!”