The Lockstep Group

Lockstep (est. 2004) is dedicated to strategic research, innovation, analysis and advice in data protection, privacy and digital identity.

Lockstep Consulting 

Lockstep Consulting helps organisations come to grips with emerging identity technologies (especially public key infrastructure and smartcards), by developing strategy, policy and best practice. 

Lockstep Technologies

Lockstep Technologies conducts a self-funded R&D program in digital identity and privacy protection, and has made several award-winning breakthroughs applying smart authentication technologies to address Card Not Present fraud, medical records confidentiality, age proofing and e-voting.

Is your identity management strategy likely to last more than 12 months?

Digital identity has become a complex field — we think too complex. You may be trying to combat identity fraud, streamline digital experiences, improve digital confidence, simplify security technology, and/or comply with emerging best practice, while actually accelerating online services for your customers, partners and staff. You will probably experience pressure to “federate” identity but you may be lost in a jungle of “trust frameworks”, embryonic regulations, new credential technologies, philosophies and quasi-politics. What does all this really mean to you?

Many organisations are caught somewhere between analysis paralysis and jumping too soon onto a bandwagon with an unknown outlook.

How can Lockstep help?

Lockstep Consulting offers independent research, analysis, advice, strategy and policy development, to help organisations break through the identity management challenge. Lockstep is expert in:

  • data protection (technologies and global regulations)
  • data privacy
  • digital identity 
  • Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA)
  • Threat & Risk Assessment (TRA)
  • smart technologies (mobile credentials, smartcards, PKI and cryptography)
  • the verticals of government, e-health and financial services.

Lockstep was founded in 2004 by Stephen Wilson

Stephen is an international authority on data protection, digital identity and privacy. He has helped organisations around the world with independent advice and analysis in technology & governance strategy, business architecture, privacy, risk management, Privacy Impact Assessment and public policy. He is a widely respected writer and commentator on all issues relating to digital identity. His career spans 35 years in IT, software engineering and R&D management, in both Australia and the USA, with 25 years dedicated to digital identity and privacy.

Stephen’s resume.

Lockstep’s analysis and advice is always:

Our professional services are technologically sophisticated

We avoid platitudes and hollow management cliches, grounding our advice instead in many years of our own independent R&D.

Further details on specific areas of technical expertise may be found in the links above while a broad spectrum of white papers, published articles and conference presentations are available in the Lockstep Library.

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We have a proven track record of innovation. We don’t take security and privacy for granted; we think deeply about these issues, eschew many of the fads, and see things that others have missed. Examples include:

For a small firm we have published what is probably an unequalled body of work, covering all aspects of digital identity, and including several peer reviewed academic papers.