Stephen Wilson

Founder and Principal

An original thinker whose research achievements include six US patents: three in public key security, and three in biomedical technology.

Steve is a researcher, innovator and analyst in data protection. He has been a lead digital identity adviser to the governments of Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Macau, New Zealand, and Singapore, and has been awarded 10 patents.

In 2018, he was described by digital ethnographer Tricia Wang as “one of the most original thinkers in digital identity in the world today”.

Starting in public key infrastructure in 1995, Steve saw the potential for this technology in digital credentials. In 2004, he was awarded his first patent for anonymously verifiable attributes.

In 2011, he discovered an ecological explanation for the diversity of digital identities as ensembles of attributes, which in turn convinced him that all digital identity boils down to data.