Policy Development

Stephen has extensive experience developing policy, in digital identity, enterprise security, authentication governance, and PKI.

Security policy assignments have included:

  • New regulatory policy approaches to PKI in Project Gatekeeper
  • PKI policy and procurement strategy for the South Australia Department of Health
  • New certificate policy development for Medicare Australia including legal liability strategies
  • Certificate Policy and Practice Statement for the original global PKI beTRUSTed
  • Authentication subject matter expert helping NSW Health develop its Security Policy for Electronic Personal Health Information
  • Security policy review for the NSW Department of Commerce Human Services Network
  • ISO 17799-compliant security policies and procedures for Telstra eBusiness Services
  • ISO 17799 readiness review for the NSW Department of Planning.

Lockstep’s research clients include:

  • the NSW Department of Commerce, for whom we developed a unique new statistical Return On Investment model, since adapted by US Department of Defence researchers; see ROI work
  • the World Bank
  • eASEAN
  • NeHTA
  • the international standards body OASIS, and
  • CSIRO.

Stephen’s research career highlights are summarised below, and detailed further in the attached.

  • 1983: BSC, Uni of Qld – majors in Physics & Comp Sci.
  • 1986: BE Elec (Hons) – Uni of Qld, major in digital electronics
  • 1985: CSIRO Vacation Scholarship – Division of Radiophysics
  • 1986-87: Experimental Scientist – CSIRO Division of Textile Physics
  • 1987-95: Software Engineering, R&D Manager, Marketing Manager – Telectronics
  • 1992: US patent 5,251,625 – “Apparatus and Method for Controlling Tachyarrhythmia Confirmation in Response to Patient History”
  • 1992: US patent 5,144,947 – “Apparatus and Method for Antitachycardia Pacing in Arrhythmia Control Systems”
  • 1994: US patent 5,292,339 – “Pacemaker/Cardioverter/Defibrillator Device and Method Incorporating Multiple Bradycardia Support Pacing Rates”
  • 1995-97: Product Development Manager, Security Domain
  • 2002: Australian patent 743570 – “Means and method of registering new users in a system of registered users”
  • 2004: Australian patent PCT/AU2005/000364 – “System and method for anonymously indexing electronic record systems”
  • 2004: Australian patent PCT/AU2005/000522 – “Means and method of using cryptographic devices to combat online institution identity theft”
  • 2005: AusCERT2005 refereed academic paper – “A novel application of PKI smartcards to anonymise Health Identifiers”
  • 2006: 5th Homeland Security Conference refereed paper – “A new manifesto for smartcards as national information infrastructure”
  • 2007: AusIndustry COMET R&D grant
  • 2008: NIST Id Trust refereed paper – “Public Key Superstructure”
  • 2008: AusCERT2008 refereed academic paper – “An easily validated security model for e-voting based on anonymous public key certificates”
  • 2008: Finalist in the Global Security Challenge, Singapore
  • 2009: Selected in Tech23 innovation showcase, Sydney
  • 2009: eResearch Australasia refereed poster paper – “Anonymity & Pseudonymity in eResearch via smartcards and Public Key Infrastructure”
  • 2010: Finalist in the SESAMES Asia smartcard technology awards, Hong Kong
  • 2011: US Patent 8,286,865: Authenticating electronic financial transactions
  • 2013: US Patent 8,347,101: System and method for anonymously indexing electronic record systems