The Consumerization of Identity: A collision of Worlds

US: Nov 13 1:00-1:30PM Pacific
Aus: Nov 14 8:00-8:30AM AEDST

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What happens when the irresistible force of Social Logon hits the immoveable object of enterprise risk management?

People love Social Logon! Twitter, Facebook and Google handles are used everyday to access countless digital services. But they are not yet “business grade”. No enterprise should dilute its risk management by accepting social identities willy nilly.

This webinar will unpack what Social Logons tell us about users, compare and contrast Facebook and LinkedIn identities, and try to foresee how they should evolve if they are going to meet business needs.


The webinar will cover:

  • What is the Consumerization of IT?
  • What is Federated Identity?
  • The State of the “identity ecosystem”
  • Pros and Cons of Federation
  • The Two Dimensions of Social Identities
  • What needs to happen for Social Logon to become “Business Grade”?


Consumers’ understanding of their digital identities is evolving fast, while the social Identity Providers (IDPs) continue to explore how to monetize the privileged information that they have about their users. Online consumers have a keen sense of digital reputation and they appreciate how to build a powerful social graph; this awareness will soon inform business-grade identities. But even more importantly, social IDPs must prvide businesses precise information about users to help businesses manage transaction risk. Consumerization opens up exciting new possibilities, but it must not dilute the way businesses know their customers, parts, staff and users.