Video: Authentication for Everything: How to make good on the promise for digital wallets

authenticate 2023 THE FIDO CONFERENCE Authentication for Everything How to Make Good on the Promise of Digital Wallets

Verifiable credentials and cryptographically strong wallets can prove the origin of a subject’s important claims and prove the claims are in the right hands when presented. But verifiable credentials don’t verify themselves.

Scalable arrangements must be put in place so that the economic users of credentials recognise and trust the origins, or else wallets just contain empty promises.

This presentation, a recapitulation of our presentation ot FIDO Authenticate 2003 in October, outlines the global “infostructure” needed so data wallets and relying parties can interoperate at arm’s length.

From there, we can extend from authentication of end users to the authenticity of anything.

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Lockstep’s Data Verification Platform is a scheme to rationalise and organise data flows between data originators such as government and the risk owners who rely on accurate data to guide decisions. Join us in conversation.

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