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Stepwise encapsulates digital identity assertions within tamper resistant chips, keeps assertions under the sole control of the individual, strips them of all extraneous personal details, and allows each to be exercised independently of all others. It enables diverse applications and third party business relationships to be safely managed from smart phones, or bank- or government-issued smartcards, without information leaking between services. And it enables radical new levels of privacy and confidentiality in “closed loop” IdM systems, like health cards, be they public or private.

Stepwise allows individuals to be dealt with in each context by their distinct identity assertions alone, avoiding the time-consuming, invasive and ultimately futile exercise of playing ‘twenty questions’ when identifying oneself online or to a call centre operator. By shrinking the amount of data needed to support online transactions, Stepwise will radically reduce the leakage of personal information and thus curtail cyber-crime.

Stepwise has the potential to eliminate almost all forms of “ID theft” as we know it today. When Stepwise protects an identity assertion, that assertion cannot be linked to any other personal data, and cannot be presented without its owner’s consent.

Demonstration video

Stepwise was selected to appear on ABC-TV’s innovation program “The New Inventors”. A brief demonstration of Stepwise applied to prevent Card Not Present fraud is seen in a promotional¬†video clip for the show.

Further information about the Stepwise CNP Fraud solution is available on request.

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