Handout: How a data protection infostructure can safeguard value chains

Lorenz machine mu wheels

Data-sharing is now a social and economic imperative, yet the risks have become obvious. Part of the solution is to extend verifiable credentials such as mobile driver licences from certifying facts about people to certifying any data about anything.

Digital wallets can provide the same user experience we enjoy with payment cards. Just as we “Click to Pay”, we should be able to “Click to Prove” any verified data.

But data wallets need networks to bring users and providers of data together in an equitable two-sided market. Wallets plus business networks equals data protection infostructure.

Let’s extend the infostructure so everyone can Click to Prove.

How a data protection infostructure can safeguard value chains: Click to download PDF.

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Adapted from a presentation given at CyberCon Canberra in March 2023. Photo of the Lorenz cypher machine by OS/WikiMedia Commons (CC BY-SA 4.0).

Lockstep’s Data Verification Platform is a scheme to rationalise and organise data flows between data originators such as government and the risk owners who rely on accurate data to guide decisions. Join us in conversation.

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