Fixed my RSS feed

Dear Lockstep RSS subscribers.

I found out only last week that my blog’s RSS feed has been broken since March. It should now be fixed. As a result you may see a flood of updates. This post is just to summarise what you missed, so you can triage the deluge!


CNP fraud is just online carding

Card Not Present now three quarters of all fraud

Ski runs and LOAs

A penny for your marketable thoughts?

A software engineer’s memoir (work in progress)


Killing two birds with one chip

Guilty until proven innocent

Photo data as crude oil:


Let’s embrace Identity Plurality:

Understanding biometrics and their necessary fallibility:


Identities are brittle but crystal clear – update


Taking stock of the IdM scene

The double standard in biometrics analysis

Card fraud in Australia even worse than feared


Surfacing identity

Memetic engineering our identities

Is quantum computing all it’s cracked up to be?

A response to M2SYS on reverse engineering


Identity is not a thing

I hope there’s good food for thought here, and as always, I look forward to your comments and feedback.