DVP/Update 02: Pleasing initial responses to the Data Verification Platform model, and the Making Data Better podcast rolls out

A lot has happened since our first update at the end of May. From conferences to meetings, and reactions to blog posts, we’ve been pleased with the responses to our ideas.

New presentations at Identiverse

George and I attended the Identiverse 2023 conference in Las Vegas, and I gave a couple of speeches, on the history and future of digital wallets, and the provocative idea of “Zero Trust”.

Initial reactions to the Data Verification Platform

We gave the Data Verification Platform Model (DVP) its first social outing at Identiverse, focusing on the scaling challenge: How will endpoints, often called “relying parties”, be able to accept verifiable credentials from holders and issuers they’ve never had anything to do with before?

We’ve also spoken with the Open Wallet Foundation, senior government analysts, lawyers, and civil society representatives — with lots more discussions to come.

We seem to be the first to be exploring the sorts of networks needed to make digital wallets legible and interoperable.

If you’re interested in being part of the discussion, the full DVP white paper is available on request. Just reply to this email. Or for a taste, download the Executive Summary (PDF).

New blog posts

We’ve been fleshing out aspects of the DVP concept in a few more blog posts, as well as exploring some ideas relating to artificial intelligence.

The immovable opacity of AI meets the irresistible force of privacy. Analytics and big-data processes have been brought to heel by privacy laws. Artificial intelligence may be next. I might have found a systemic breach of data protection principles in AI- generated faces.

Making Data Better: click for the podcast website

“Making Data Better” podcast

The first three episodes of Making Data Better have been published. Listen at makingdatabetter.com or wherever you get your podcasts.

In the media

Coming up

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