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Australian Smartcard Summit

3/4/07: Lockstep is delivering a keynote on smartcards as critical infrastructure June 5, Sydney.

The Australian Smartcard Summit is the leading annual conference on smartcards in Australia. Lockstep is addressing the conference in the opening session, and in conjunction with Malcolm Crompton of Information Integrity Solutions, we are presenting an important new half-day workshop on privacy and policy implications.

See http://www.acevents.com.au/cards2007 and http://www.acevents.com.au/cards2007_ws.

June 5 Day One Address: "Smartcards as Critical National Infrastructure"

  • What's so smart about smartcards?
  • Smartcards in the new Identity landscape
  • What stops us from fully exploiting smartcard technology?
  • Friend or foe for consumer privacy?
  • How can we avoid the Australia Card?