Copy of the PCEHR Privacy Impact Assessment

This document was made publicly available in 2011.

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2.2 Key design features of the PCEHR System

The PCEHR System … is opt in – if a consumer or healthcare provider wants to participate, they need to register with the system, and not compulsory – both consumers and healthcare providers choose whether or not to participate.

9.1.6 Proposed solutions – legislation

(a) We have made a number of recommendations aimed at influencing the drafting of the PCEHR Bill. Critical legislative recommendations include:

(i) a number of measures to confirm and support the ‘opt in’ nature of the PCEHR for consumers (Recommendations 4.1 to 4.3);

(ii) preventing any extension of the scope of the system, or any change to the ‘opt in’ nature of the PCEHR, by way of regulation or other subordinate legislation (Recommendation 4.2) 

PCEHR Privacy Impact Assessment Report