A Practical Guide to Authentication for ICT Executives

Lockstep Consulting holds interactive workshops aimed at providing non-technology managers and executives with ‘everything they need to know’ about authentication, and equipping them to engage better with technologists.

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This interactive and practical tutorial aims to help senior e-business managers (including strategists, architects, policy makers and/or regulators) make best use of authentication technologies in Australia’s technology neutral regulatory environment. Hot topics addressed include phishing, pharming, smartcards, Internet banking security, “Man In The Middle” attack, PKI and federated identity. The workshop will provide everything you really need to know in this challenging field, with a focus on marrying real needs with technology and processes.

Lockstep’s one day authentication tutorial furnishes attendees with practical analytical tools with which to understand their own authentication requirements, including “Actor Diagrams”, and a risk-based authentication selection framework. The main learning objective is to improve the ability of managers to make robust decisions regarding authentication at the strategy, policy and architectural levels.

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What do you really need to know about authentication?

  • Needs: Access Control, Document Management, and Anti Fraud measures
  • Options: two factor security, digital certificates, smartcards and biometrics
  • Authentication risk management

Hot topics

  • Identity fraud: skimming, phishing, identity theft, website spoofing
  • The Man-In-The-Middle attack
  • Two Factor Authentication: How it works, and how it is under attack
  • Mutual Authentication
  • Federated Identity
  • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and the Gatekeeper reforms
  • The Australian Government Authentication Framework (AGAF)
  • Smartcards and their application in banking and government services.

The workshop can be delivered in a half-day mode. It can also be customised to address specific needs of our clients.

A Practical Guide to Authentication for ICT Executives