Over the years, Lockstep has made submissions to Australia’s federal Digital Identity Agency on the “digital identity system”, the Trusted Digital Identity Framework (TDIF) and the recent moves to legislate for digital identity.


  • There are plenty of “trust frameworks” already; the last thing we need is a specific digital identity trust framework like TDIF.
  • The international digital identity industry has moved comprehensively towards decentralised verifiable credentials and strong client-side authentication tools (especially through the FIDO Alliance); Australia needs to catch up with these standards.
  • The Australian states are implementing digitised credentials at a rapid rate, refocusing from Who a citizen is, to What attributes and claims they need to prove online; DTA risks being left behind by these developments.

Lockstep TDIF DTA Submission 171020

Lockstep Submission – AU Digital Identity Legislation (1.0)

Lockstep Submission – AU Digital Identity Legislation Phase 2 210714

Lockstep Submission – Trusted Digital Identity Legislation Phase 3 211027