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Upcoming Presentations and Events

  • "Privacy Master Class" (one day tutorial for infosec professionals), AusCERT 2015 Security Conference, Gold Coast Queensland, 2 June 2015, https://conference.auscert.org.au/

Cloud Identity Summit, La Jolla

9 June 15: Lockstep's R&D on privacy, identity and the Internet of Things, "Rationing Identity on the IoT".

Privacy Master Class at AusCERT 2015

4 May 2015: An all day privacy tutorial for infosec professionals.

Biometrics Trust Mark study

2 Feb 2015: The Biometrics Institute has engaged Lockstep for a feasibility study of a proposed privacy trust mark.

Security in Government 2014

18 Aug 14: Lockstep Consulting will participate in a panel on the future of Identity Assurance.

Cloud Identity Summit, Monterey

22 July 14: Lockstep's unique research on the evolution of authentication, at the "CISmcc" Conference.

AusCERT: "Security Isn't Secure"

9 April 14: Steve will make a "lively and timely" presentation to the annual AusCERT conference.

AISA 2013 Presentation

10 Oct 2013: Steve presented to the annual AISA Conference, and provoked people to "Forget identity".

Steve joins Constellation Research

1 Oct 13: Announcing that Steve Wilson is to lead Constellation Research's identity & privacy effort.

AusCERT 2013 presentation

27 May 2013: Stephen presented Lockstep's latest Privacy Engineering tools to the AusCERT 2013 infosec conference

"Designing Privacy By Design"

Feb 2013: Stephen wrote a column for the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) on how to make PbD real.

Letter to the Editor in Science Magazine

8 Feb 13: Stephen responded to a report that bioinformaticians at MIT have re-identified anonymously donated DNA by linking genomes to public genealogical databases.

Stephen at MIT Hackathon

4 Feb 13: I presented my Ecological Theory of Identity to the MIT Legal Hackathon on January 31st.

The limits to Federated Identity

6 Sep 12: An updated slide deck on the ecological limits to Federated Identity.

Letter to the Editor: Privacy

5 Mar 12: Stephen had a long letter to the editor published in the Sydney Morning Herald, on the grave privacy risks posed by social media.

Chairing Digital ID World

23 Jan 12: Stephen is chairing the "Digital ID World" conference in March.

Privacy Impact Assessment published

9 Jan 2012: Lockstep & Salinger Privacy completed a major smart meter Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA); the report has been published.

SC Magazine Feature

2 Dec 2011: Secure Computing Magazine is running a two part feature on my New Ecological Theory of Digital Identity.

ABC Radio National interview

26 Sep 2011: Stephen was interviewed by the ABC for a "Background Briefing" report on mobile payments. Links here.

AusCERT paper "Identity Evolves" now available

17 Jun 11: Stephen's fresh and powerful explanation of the shortcomings of other contemporary identity theories, now available.

Stephen speaking at AusCERT Conference

15 Apr 11: Stephen will present a breakthrough constructive critique of federated identity at Australia's premier security conference in May.

A new paper about Facebook

29 Nov 10: With Anna Johnston, we've published a new paper about Facebook and privacy.

e-Crime Symposium

7 Nov 10: Stephen will lead a roundtable discussion of digital identity on Nov 25.

Important new PIA

14 Sep 10: We are teaming again with Salinger Privacy on a major PIA.

Webinar: "Identity ecosystem"

4 Oct 10: Stephen will join an important webinar on e-commerce and identity, on October 20.

Stepwise makes the Anthill SMART 100 (again)

6 Jul 10: The smartphone version of Stepwise was selected in Anthill's Smart 100.

Keynote speech on Human Services delivery

15 Jun 10: Stephen will deliver a keynote in Canberra on June 29 [and handouts now available].

"Public yet still private" and other new privacy articles

5 Jun 10: Three new privacy articles, on health IDs, Google and Social Networking.

Asian SESAMES award finals

10 Mar 10: Stepwise has made the finals of the prestigious Asian
SESAMES awards at Cartes Asia next week in Hong Kong.

Daring to question Open Identity

12 Apr 10: A new blog questions whether Open Identity makes identity too complicated?

Privacy opinion piece

17 Feb 10: Provoked by Buzz, Stephen wrote an op-ed on privacy in today's Sydney Morning Herald.

IHI senate submission

9 Mar 10: Lockstep's submission on the Health IDs bill is published.

PCI conference presentation

7 Dec 09: Stephen gave a provocative speech at a PCI conference last week.

5th Annual Smartcards Summit

23 Nov 09: Stephen spoke on how smartcard programs can steer clear of ID cards.

Cybercrime hearings appearance

22 Oct 09: Stephen's testimony at the House of Reps Cybercrime hearings is published.

Lockstep at Tech23 Innovation Island

8 Sep 09: Lockstep Technologies will exhibit in October amongst an elite group of innovators.

eResearch Australasia 2009

2 Sep 09: Lockstep presenting at international online research conference.

"In defence of silos"

14 Oct 09: A new column on the pitfalls of Federated Identity.

Cybercrime inquiry

2 Sep 2009: Lockstep's submission to the House of Reps Cybercrime inquiry has been published.

One of Australia's most innovative products

12 Apr 09: Stepwise named by Anthill Magazine amongst Australia's top 25 innovations.

"Give PCI the bullet"

8 May 09: A new Online Banking Review column.

New blogs calling for clarity

21 Jun 09: Two new Finextra blogs on a theme of clearer thinking.

OBR "Security 140" Breakfast

18 Jun 09: Stephen is chairing Online Banking Review's "Security 140" July 23.

On the Digital Economy

6 Apr 09: "The Internet has given criminals x-ray vision".

Lockstep a "certified innovator"

2 Feb 09: Lockstep Technologies has won a place in the Finextra Innovation Showcase.

New Inventors pod cast

10 Dec 08: Lockstep's CNP fraud solution, live in action.

New Lockstep publications

27 Feb 09: A new "Babystep" on some of the follies of federated ID, and a number of recent Online Banking Review columns.

Lockstep judged a Top Five Security Firm in Asia

10 Sep 08: Lockstep makes the semi finals of the Global Security Challenge.

ID Summit

28 Jan 09: Stephen has been invited to speak on Social Networking Identity, March 11.

Tech reflections on privacy

03/09/08: Stephen spoke on the technologists panel at the iappANZ Privacy Conference.

Stepwise on ABC TV The New Inventors - 19 Nov

12/11/08: Stephen will appear on 'The New Inventors' with Stepwise, our
breakthrough solution to Card Not Present fraud.

e-Voting presentation at AusCERT 2008

11/05/08: Our e-voting proposal has been accepted in the peer reviewed stream.

Privacy & Security presentation

12/3/08: Stephen delivered the closing address at the ID Summit, Sydney.

Plurality of Identities

31/12/07: A new blog entry about the reality of multiple identities.

"Public Key Superstructure"

24/12/07: A new paper accepted for the international "IDtrust" conference, March 2008.

Stepwise pitch: Safety in Numbers

8/11/07: Lockstep Technologies is pitching its Identity Theft solution, on 13 Dec in Sydney.

New e-voting paper

31/10/07: Lockstep's anonymity methods enable radically improved e-voting.

Lockstep a Cool Company!

21/9/07: Lockstep named as a Finalist in the Anthill Magazine 2007 Cool Company Awards.

Interview: Privacy & Technology

18/9/07: Technology neutrality was past its use-by date, Stephen Wilson told The Australian newspaper today.

Smartcards Summit keynote presentation

12/6/07: Keynote address on smartcards as critical infrastructure is now available.

Australian Smartcard Summit

3/4/07: Lockstep is delivering a keynote on smartcards as critical infrastructure June 5, Sydney.

New and revised Babysteps

22/3/07: A new "Authentication Family Tree", and "What makes smartcards smart?"

National innovation award

13/3/07: Lockstep Technologies was a winner in the ICT Secrets of Innovation competition.

Senate Committee appearance

[4 Mar 07] Lockstep appeared before the Senate Committee on the Access Card bill.

"Safety in Numbers"

27/2/07: Lockstep Technologies uses smartcards to take better care of your numbers.

New senior consultant - health sector

[2 Feb 07] Dr Elizabeth Denney Wilson has joined Lockstep as a senior consultant.

Lockstep presenting at AusCERT 2007

[22 Jan 07] An all day tutorial on authentication at the annual AusCERT conference in May.

IT competition shortlist

[19 Dec '06] Lockstep Technologies has been shortlisted for the prestigious 2006 Secrets of Australian ICT Innovation competition.

Radio National Interview

[15 Dec 06] Stephen was interviewed by ABC "Backgound Briefing" on smartcards.

"Public Key Superstructure"

[25 Oct 06] It's PKI, but not as we know it!

Access Card Submission

[14 Sep 06] Lockstep's submission to the Access Card Consumer & Privacy Taskforce has been released.

Lockstep speaking at Safeguarding Australia

[10 Aug 06] Stephen will speak on smartcards as critical infrastructure at the Homeland Security Summit.

Embedded PKI in China

[27 Jul 2006] Stephen was an invited speaker on "Embedded PKI" at the Asia PKI Forum Symposium, Chengdu, China.

Authentication shakeout

[18 Jul 06] It may be politically incorrect, but do consumers really need a choice of security technologies?

Lockstep at Security Summit

[1 Jul 06] Stephen will present at the Information Security Summit in Sydney, August 2nd.

Smartcards and Medicare

23 June 06] Novel ways for smartcards to combat Medicare fraud while enhancing privacy.

Interoperability & PKI myths

[20 June 06] Two new "Babysteps" discuss interoperability and expose some of the myths surrounding PKI.

Asia Pac Risk Mgt, Singapore

[19 May 06] Stephen has been invited to address Visa International's 2006 Asia Pacific Risk Management Conference in Singapore, on June 29.


[9 May 06] OASIS has announced its third international survey to study real-world PKI deployments.

New "Babysteps" paper

[6 May 06] Babystep 2 provides insights into what really makes smartcards tick.

New series: "Babysteps"

[22 Mar 06] Lockstep has started a new series of short papers seeking to shed light on various hot topics in authentication.

Smartcard Id Mgt Seminar

[30 Jan 06] The Asia Pacific Smartcard Forum will present an important Id Mgt seminar in Sydney on Feb 15.

New paper published in China

[4 Jan 06] The journal "China Communications" has published a new paper by Stephen Wilson, "The importance of PKI today".

Interview: "The eyes have it"

[15 Nov 05] Stephen was interviewed on biometrics in The Australian today.

Relationship Certs in China

[5 Nov 2005] Stephen presented to the 5th International PKI Symposium in Beijing.

The 3rd OASIS International PKI Survey

[17 Oct 2005] Expressions of Interest sought from participants and industry associations.

World's smallest reader

[11 Oct 2005] This could change everything!

Two new PKI whitepapers

[26 Sep 2005] On "Relationship Certificates" and a new "Security Printer" model for CAs.

IIA Two Factor Authentication Pilot

[1 Sep 2005] Lockstep was engaged to architect a national 2FA Pilot.

New ROI paper

[24 Aug 2005] Lockstep has developed a new PKI ROI model.

Authentication workshop

[27 Jan 05] New Lockstep workshop at the e-government evolution conference, Canberra, March 27th. Discounts available.

Lockstep developed new PKI Resources Page

A brand new PKI resources page has been researched and designed by Lockstep.

Other news

Spyware submission, Asia PKI Forum, Online Banking Review reprints, OASIS Open Standards conference