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Lockstep researches the use of smartcards as containers for digital credentials and embedded PKI, leading to innovative solutions to phishing, web fraud and privacy.

"Calling for a uniform approach to card fraud offline and on"

An invited opinion piece for "Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce", December 2012.

Integrating Chip and PIN with 3D Secure

A conference presentation about Lockstep Technologies' R&D into preventing Card Not Present fraud.

Smartcards, digital identity and black holes

A presentation to the 5th Annual Smartcard Summit, Canberra, October 2009.

Keynote speech: Smartcards as Critical Infrastructure

An annotated copy of the slides Stephen presented in his keynote address to the Australian Smartcards Summit, 6 June 2007.

A fresh look at smartcards

The second in Lockstep's new series of brief white papers tries to round out the full value proposition for this still misunderstood technology.

A new manifesto for smartcards as national information infrastructure

Pre-print edition of a peer-reviewed paper presented to the 5th Homeland Security Summit, Canberra, 2006.

Towards a uniform solution to identity theft

Id theft affects not only individuals: e-businesses have identities too. Increasingly, analysts around the world recognise that only smartcard technologies can combat phishing and website fraud as well as end user id theft.

Is smartcard security and privacy a zero sum game?

This is a pre-print of Stephen's recent column in Online Banking Review, which tries to dispel the fear that smartcards are intrinsically privacy invasive.

Two factor authentication and second class citizens

An unfortunate side-effect of user-pays security could be the creation of two classes of Internet banking customer.

The chips (and PINs) are down!

A look at one of the world's most significant recent smartcard rollouts.