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Smartcard Id Mgt Seminar

[30 Jan 06] The Asia Pacific Smartcard Forum will present an important Id Mgt seminar in Sydney on Feb 15.

The Asia Pacific Smartcard Forum (APSCF) will present the half day seminar "Smartcard based Identity Management" in Sydney on Feb 15th, 2006.

Speakers include the country's leading smartcard experts, and topics will cover the New Queensland Driver Licence, the Man In The Middle attack and the vulnerabilities of two factor authentication, ticketing & tolling, biometrics and the e-passport.

This seminar is presented at the special price of $90 (or $70 for forum members) in order to to reach the greatest number of people with this vital update on what's fast becoming critical national infrastructure.


  • What is a Smart Card?
  • Authentication and Smart Cards
  • The Role of Smartcards in ID
  • The Chain of Trust
  • Supporting Infrastructure
    • Smartcards and PKI
    • Smartcards and PIN
    • Smartcards and Biometrics
  • The Current Threat
  • Privacy & Equity Issues & Their Management
  • Infrastructure Access Issues & Their Management
  • Physical Access & Physical Card Security
  • Smartcards and ID Fraud
APSCF Half day Seminar Registration 7 December 05APSCF Half day Seminar Registration 7 December 05

Smartcard Based Identity Management, Sydney

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