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SC Magazine Feature

2 Dec 2011: Secure Computing Magazine is running a two part feature on my New Ecological Theory of Digital Identity.

A new theory of digital identity

Part A. Nov 30, 2011

There has been a near universal acceptance of the idea of federated identity. Sharing identities is intuitively appealing. If you have invested time and effort getting identified by one service provider, you should be able to re-use that identification with other services, to save time, streamline registration, cut costs, and open up new business channels.

And yet federated identity has stalled.

Government and industry have grand plans to build identity ecosystems, such as the US NSTIC and Britain’s new midata. And Facebook, Google and LinkedIn are positioning as global Identity Providers.

Which of these will thrive and which will die another slow death? The answer lies in the way identities have evolved to fit different niches in real world business ecosystems. A new ecological theory of Digital Identity will conserve the successful ways we know and show who we are online.