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Spyware submission, Asia PKI Forum, Online Banking Review reprints, OASIS Open Standards conference

Spyware submission

[1 Sep 05] The government has released its findings regarding spyware, including submissions received during DCITA's recent public inquiry. For more details on Lockstep's submission, see http://www.lockstep.com.au/library/privacy/submission_to_the_spyware_inq

Asia PKI Forum trip reports

[30 Aug 05] Lockstep's trip reports from the quarterly Asia PKI Forum meetings are now available online.

Lockstep's Stephen Wilson attends the quarterly Working Group meetings of the Asia PKI Forum. His trip reports from past meetings in Tokyo and Singapore are available at http://www.lockstep.com.au/partners/asia_pki_forum. Highlights from the July meeting in Tokyo include the rapidly expanding membership of the forum, an 800+ page Interoperability Guide Book, and plans for five million high grade smartcards (FIPS 140-2) in Taiwan for authentication of online gamers.

Open Standards Conference Programme

[30 Aug 05] The third annual OASIS Asia Pacific Open Standards Conference will be held in Sydney over October 26-28. Lockstep is making a presentation of the OASIS PKI Action Plan.

The OASIS Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Action Plan, developed in response to exhaustive surveys amongst users and implementers worldwide, seeks to improve PKI uptake on several fronts. It tackles application guidelines, interoperability, vendors, education, and costs. This non-technical presentation will explain the PKI Action Plan and the major deliverables to date, including a new ROI Model and a comprehensive resources and standards webpage. Practical up-to-the-minute regional case studies will be of interest to e-business strategists, security managers and architects alike.

See http://www.open-standards.com/program.asp

Online Banking Review Reprints

[1 Aug 05] Reprints are now available of Stephen's regular OBR column

The award winning Online Banking Review has kindly given permission for Stephen's past columns to be re-printed on the Lockstep website. For concise, novel insights into a range of issues including smartcards, two factor authentication, privacy and biometrics, see http://www.lockstep.com.au/library/online_banking_review.