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New series: "Babysteps"

[22 Mar 06] Lockstep has started a new series of short papers seeking to shed light on various hot topics in authentication.

Babysteps will each be a short -- one page! -- paper aiming to shed light on particular hot topics in e-authentication. The first Babystep explains why PKI smartcards are potentially so important in the health & welfare sector; it shows that the value of smartcards goes way beyond their widely appreciated resistance to skimming and counterfeiting.

Future Babysteps will examine Bridge Certification Authorities, the difference between identifiers and keys, the use of smartcards for offline fraud detection, and "non-repudiation".

We hope that Babysteps are thought provoking, and that they deepen peoples' understanding of critical issues. Comments are welcome, to swilson@lockstep.com.au.