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National innovation award

13/3/07: Lockstep Technologies was a winner in the ICT Secrets of Innovation competition.

Lockstep Technologies' "Stepwise" was an award winner in the Security Category of DCITA's national ICT Secrets of Innovation competition. See www.itsecrets.com.au and www.itsecrets.com.au.

Stepwise uses smartcards to de-identify highly sensitive transactions, such as e-health record entries, welfare entitlements and payments instructions, e-voting and so on, radically enhancing privacy, security and safety for consumers online. With Stepwise,

  • identifiers cannot be cloned, counterfeited, or illicitly copied from one card to another
  • transactions are sealed with their respective identifiers, contain the bare minimum personal information, and cannot be cross-linked with each other
  • every transaction bears a tamper-proof "pedigree", proving it originated from an authentic smartcard carrying a bona fide identifier, used with the consent of the cardholder.