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On the Digital Economy

6 Apr 09: "The Internet has given criminals x-ray vision".

In February we lodged a formal submission to the Dept of Broadband's Digital Economy consultation; see government submissions or http://www.dbcde.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0015/112353/Lockstep.pdf.


"The Internet has given criminals x-ray vision into peoples’ banking details, and perfect digital disguises with which to defraud business and governments. Identity theft is perpetrated by sophisticated organised crime gangs, behind the backs of the best trained and best behaved online shoppers, aided and abetted by insiders corrupted by enormous rewards. ... We urge government to treat cyber security – especially identity security – with the same sort of blended approach as befits any critical infrastructure ... Government should lead by example, deploying the very best identity technologies to safeguard its citizens when rolling out coming generations of online services, such as health identifiers, shared electronic health records, social security services, and e-voting."