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Interview: "The eyes have it"

[15 Nov 05] Stephen was interviewed on biometrics in The Australian today.

An in-depth interview with Stephen Wilson was included in a feuture article on biometrics, appearing in The Australian newspaper of 15 November 2005.

"The eyes have it"
Karen Dearne
The Australian
NOV 15, 2005


Stephen provided a 'dissenting voice' in this balanced article on the pros and cons of the still-new field of biometrics.

"Biometrics are so sexy and seem so intuitive that people are a bit mesmerised by them.

"You tend to think they're perfect: your fingerprint is unique, your iris is unique so in theory using these as identifiers sounds great.

"The problem is, the systems are run by computers and measurement software and hardware such as cameras and readers. Even if your iris is unique, by the time a camera measures it, the computer number-crunches it and adjusts for poor lighting conditions and for the fact you might have glasses on, they wind up being really fallible."