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Interview: Privacy & Technology

18/9/07: Technology neutrality was past its use-by date, Stephen Wilson told The Australian newspaper today.

Stephen was interviewed by The Australian in his capacity as Co-chair of AEEMA's Smartcards & Information Security Australia (SISA) on privacy and technology.

See "ID theft brings tech to law"
The Australian IT Section
Karen Dearne
September 18, 2007


"To date, ministers and bureaucrats have avoided getting into the risky area of picking winners in technology".

"This is why we've traditionally had a light-touch regime, but the things we're grappling with now around privacy, identity theft and cybercrime are so difficult we're going to have to take a greater interest in technology".

"That means someone needs to be acknowledging the strengths and weaknesses of different and competing technologies. We're seeing a change of climate around that."

'The concept of technology neutrality - which meant legislation was drafted to apply to the handling of information in any context - was past its use-by date'.

"[Technology neutrality] is a good legal philosophy, but when it comes down to codes of practice and standards for government and banking services, indifference to the technology at the coalface is really dangerous".