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IIA Two Factor Authentication Pilot

[1 Sep 2005] Lockstep was engaged to architect a national 2FA Pilot.

The Internet Industry Association (IIA) has championed the importance of Two Factor Authentication in future e-commerce. Starting with its Authentication Virtual Taskforce, and working through an extensive industry survey, the IIA has articulated a vision for an industry-driven and open scheme with broad application in retail Internet business and government service delivery. The IIA engaged Lockstep Consulting to scope out the envisaged scheme, and thus develop a 'blueprint', comprising strategic business model, operational model and technical interface specs.

The Pilot is planned to begin in early 2006, and will support several two factor authentication technologies across a wide range of online service providers.

Further details are available from the IIA for organisations interested in participating in this major national initiative. Please contact info@iia.net.au or swilson@lockstep.com.au.