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ID Summit

28 Jan 09: Stephen has been invited to speak on Social Networking Identity, March 11.

Stephen will speak on Online Social Networking ID issues, and present a one hour "speed workshop" on authentication.

See IDAM Summit programme.

Day 2 March 11

11.30am Virtual Identities / Real Threats: ID safety in virtual worlds

Avatar theft is rated the most urgent risk by the European network security agency. Billions of dollars are traded annually now in Virtual Worlds, Multiplayer Online Games and Online Social Networks, yet identity management in virtual worlds seriously lags that of banking. Should we be worried?

1.50pm [60 minute] Speed Workshop: An Authentication Family Tree - Assessing and comparing IDAM Technologies

This novel new tool compares and contrasts the essential differences between all identity technologies available today. Using this approach, strategic planners and architects can select identity solutions that best suit their transaction types, user characteristics, and application settings.
The Family Tree distinguishes:

  • access control from signature systems
  • various types of One Time Passwords
  • those biometrics that leave ‘breadcrumbs’
  • smart personal ID devices.