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Cybercrime hearings appearance

22 Oct 09: Stephen's testimony at the House of Reps Cybercrime hearings is published.

On Oct 9, Stephen testified at the House of Representatives' Cybercrime Inquiry hearings in Sydney. The transcript of the hearing has been posted at http://www.aph.gov.au/hansard/reps/commttee/R12383.pdf.

Stephen focused on issues to do with digital identity and the use of smart devices to protect against ID theft. He suggested that smartcards have unique potential and yet attract undue anxiety. He discussed ways to reduce the political risks.

Something has to be done to better protect digital identities. Stephen testified that 'We take a lot more care with car keys than digital identity. Electronic services are still very timid about authentication. Convenience trumps all else. [So now] cost of ID fraud every year far exceeds the cost of car theft.'