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AISA 2013 Presentation

10 Oct 2013: Steve presented to the annual AISA Conference, and provoked people to "Forget identity".

For the first time in many years, the Australian Information Security Association opened a call-for-papers amongst members for the annual conference. Steve was delighted to be one of the two presenters selected.
He presented his ecological theory of identity, with the gentle rovocation to "forget identity!".

The handouts are available here.

In tweet form:

  • There is nothing more personal than identity. And until recently, there was nothing less personal than the Internet! So identity became an obsession.
  • At its core, Federated Id embodies a flawed intuition that identity is a thing that keeps much the same shape in all contexts.
  • If Martian identerati came to Earth, they’d be struck by the profusion of authenticators. The very variety begs an ecological sort of explanation.
  • IDs evolve in biz ecosystem niches. Using a highly evolved ID like a student card in a diff context eg banking is like dropping a fresh water fish into the sea.
  • Federated Identity has us think globally but RPs will always act locally. We can’t force an RP to accept an external ID. There are no IdPs: only APs!