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Presentation, Managing Patient Confidentiality & Information Governance Conference, June 2012, Melbourne

"The Emerging Role of Smart Technologies to Safeguard the e-health Patient Journey"


While the author is optimistic about the future of patient centric e-health, he cautions that the sector is not yet investing in serious security and Privacy Enhancing Technologies. The experience of financial services is that disaster awaits if patient confidentiality is not better protected. This presentation will cover:

  • The impact of patient confidentiality on e-health policy and implementation
  • International trends in medical identity theft
  • Case study: Personal E-Health Records
  • Case study: Medical Social Networking
  • Demystifying patient smartcards: Agent of the state or angel for the patient?
  • The emerging role of smart phones and devices in e-health
  • Vision: Patient safety and privacy are not a "Zero Sum Game"!

Attached beneath are my conference slides, plus two supporting papers.