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See also a set of technology notes and other related papers about Lockstep Technologies.


Steve was one of the first considered critics of blockchain. He has found that almost none of the non Bitcoin use cases stack up for the original blockchain. He advocates careful sober requirements analysis around the second and third generation Distributed Ledger Technologies.

Digital Identity

A range of papers, looking at how to make robust strategic decisions about digital identity and authentication technologies, especially in a "technology neutral" policy environment.


The interplay between IT, security and privacy is complex and non-obvious to policy generalists and technology specialists. Legislation and policy tells us WHAT needs to be done to meet privacy obligations, but Lockstep's research helps show HOW to make privacy happen.

Stephen also blogs regularly on privacy; search his posts at http://lockstep.com.au/blog/privacy.


Lockstep researches the use of smartcards as containers for digital credentials and embedded PKI, leading to innovative solutions to phishing, web fraud and privacy.


For many years, Lockstep founder Stephen Wilson has published provocative, innovative and penetrating analyses of PKI, its historical problems, and practical ways to better deploy this unique technology.


Lockstep has long advocated a more critical appraisal of biometric security systems.


A series of short papers shedding light on particular complex issues in authentication, identity and privacy.

Lockstep Technologies

Various white papers, presentations, brochures and related articles on Lockstep's technology developments.


Digital identity in e-health is of special interest to Lockstep. Security and privacy need not be traded off against one another. The spectre of national ID can be nullified if user-centric privacy enhancing technologies are implemented around patient identifiers.

Return on Investment

Lockstep has been engaged to research and develop specialised ROI models, for the NSW Department of Commerce and the OASIS PKI Technical Committee.

Government submissions

We have made numerous detailed submissions to government inquiries, on digital economy infrastructure, security and privacy in different contexts (e.g. spyware, e-health and smartcards) and on innovation from the perspective of the SME.

Online Banking Review

Stephen writes a regular column on net banking security and technology for this award-winning magazine.

Conference presentations 2010-

Stephen is a regular invited speaker at conferences in Australia and throughout Asia.

Conference presentations 2004-10

Stephen is a regular invited speaker at conferences in Australia and throughout Asia.


These are short quotes from some of Stephen's speeches and articles.

Science generally

As a former research scientist and software engineer, Stephen maintains an active interest in genetics, evolution, science policy and the philosophy of science. He writes the odd letter to the editor.